Multi-turn electric actuator

Multi-turn electric actuator

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This multi-turn electric actuator is chinese origin valve actuator for a new generation of intelligent IK3 series, which are suitable 360 rotating, the essential drives for opening closing or adjusting valves, such as gate valve, globe valves etc, and also have remotecontrol, centralized-control or self-control device on valves. The product has multi-function stable performance advanced control system, small size, light weight, easy maintenance and simple operation etc advantages. Meanwhile, it can be non-intrusive set and examined by infrared remote control. Actuators use LCD displays, showing work state by figures and can be tested without opening the covers, which offers great convenience for the users to operate. The actuator has automatic rotection and flameproof function, which is popular and widely applied in the oil, chemicals, electric power, metallurgy, recycled paper, water treatment and other industries.

Main Paremeters of multi-turn electric actuator:

Power supply: AC 380V/50 Hz, AC 220V/ 50 Hz. Special- 110V, 415V, 660V Etc (50Hz, 60Hz)
Input & output signal 4-20mA (Notes: No Input signal with on-off type)
Basis error limit = 0.1%
Travel Control Repeatability Error: 1%
Ingress Protection: IP65 (IP67)
Explosion-proof symbol ExdIIBt4
Ambient Temperature -30 ~+70 C degree; special -40 +85 C degree (Special Order)
Ambient Humidity 95%

Main features of multi-turn electric actuator:

1. Non-invasive Type (set without opening cover).
2. LCD display in Chinese or English.
3. Control buttons are designed with double seals and dust proof for best protection.
4. Infrared Remote Control, same way with local control.
5. No battery design, automatic memory function keeps all setting up parameters when power off.
6. Input and output are isolated by photoelectric; High-voltage protection can refuse to connect any equipment and instrument freely.
7. Using up to four single-chip computers for data exchanging and processing to improve reaction speed of modules, which can achieve high precision servo control, and the actual control accuracy up to 0.1%.
8. It ensures that the electric actuator is intact in any state with the perfect function of automatic phase, commutation, phase lacking, mechanical overload, overheating protection.
9. With electric actuator sensitivity adjustment function, it can set control scope according to different control requirements.
10.Electric actuator inertia regulatory function. It's set according to different rotational inertia electric actuator so as to ensure accuracy.
11.The action and reaction choosing functions can satisfy the actual needs of working conditions.
12.The function that cumulating the times of electric actuator operation can enable users to keep abreast of the electric actuator working conditions.
13.No sparks switch technology, silicon components to control the output, the actual realization of the modular high-Power motor Control, in order to reduce the volume control components, and increase product reliability.

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